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7 Flapping Vibration Triple Stimulation Anal Massager

7 Flapping Vibration Triple Stimulation Anal Massager

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7 Flapping Vibration Triple Stimulation Anal Massager
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    • Product Name: 7 Flapping Vibration Triple Stimulation Anal Massager
    • Item NO.: J558911
    • Weight: 0.3 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
    • Category: Anal toy > Prostate massager
    • Creation Time: 2022-03-19

    Not only an anal massager but also a testicular massager to wrap your testicles until you get super excited
    7 flapping modes to enlarge and increase sensitivity, you’ll be taken to irresistible new sensations.
    Remote control for creative play possibilities
    Skin-friendly silicone for use no worry

    USB rechargeable for anywhere

    [ 7 FLAPPING MODES ] P-spot toys look for points in your anus that excite you. After finding the excitement point, turn on the flapping function of the toy, and tap your p point. Prostate orgasm will make you unable to forget.

    [ TESTICULAR MASSAGER ] The male testicle is a part that cannot be ignored, it is sensitive and easily irritated. Testicle massage toys can completely wrap your testicles. 7 different vibration modes make you feel more pleasure.

    [ TRIPLE STIMULATION ] P-point prostate toys, massagers that perfectly wrap the testicles, and perineal stimulation with rich texture. The three functions are integrated into one. Let every sensitive point of you be taken care of.

    Please note: The toy is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water-based lube.

Customer Reviews


10 Days Ago

The product is easy to clean, thick, variety of settings, and cute design! Great for guys especially.

10 Days Ago

This toy is amazing for both men and women. The Vibrations were so strong I thought I'd pass was already bad enough that my dog heard me moaning and started scratching and barking at my bedroom door. Then my kids were banging on my door because of the barking. Lucky for me this toy worked fast and I felt like a porn star if only for a moment... Everyone was going nuts and worried but I was able to finish quickly and return to being a mom. This thing is crazy wild. Everything vibrates on it. The head and the bottom vibrates also. It was strong and certainly gets the job done. If you need a quick, satisfying release, this is the toy to get. I'm telling everyone I know to get this.

10 Days Ago

This massager works like a champ! It's easy to use. Easy to clean. I love the variation in the vibration settings. Recharging the unit is easy.

10 Days Ago

Great toy for solo or partners. Enjoyed the remote control to change vibrations. Overall, this product is one of the best of its kind and Ive tried a few. Highly recommend

10 Days Ago

Comfortable and easy to clean vaginally or anally, the ears provide a lot of room for the wearer to find what’s most comfortable. Haven’t used the remote because of shower play but it’s comfortable and easy enough to switch gears manually.

10 Days Ago

This is a very powerful and satisfying toy. I definitely had a great time with it and am excited to use it again, it's definitely worth every penny and that's great since it's already affordable.

10 Days Ago

This is such a good first toy! Love the remote! Can’t wait to play with it with my man!

10 Days Ago

This product is fantastic! It has a great angle to really hit that p spot and the the vibrations are quite strong. Easy cleanup by just running it under the sink. Not to mention the charge last a few sessions. Comes with a remote and the battery which is really nice. Highly recommended toy for beginners or more advanced.

10 Days Ago

We are very pleased with the quality of these toys, very well made. The remote control is easy to use and is made well. The vibration of this toy is amazingly wild..a lot of fun.

10 Days Ago

Wow this stimulated my prostrate and balls. with great and variable vibrations. Best I every found!