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9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager

9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager

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9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager
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    • Product Name: 9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager
    • Item NO.: D55699
    • Weight: 0.51 kg = 1.1244 lb = 17.9897 oz
    • Category: Anal toy > Prostate massager
    • Creation Time: 2022-03-19

    • The waving angle is between 0-30 degrees, which simulates a human finger exploring the body.
    • The dual-motor design, with 81 combined vibration modes, will provide you with hours of fun without being bored.
    • Medical silicone material, will not cause any harm to your body.
    • Reasonable size, perfect for beginners, easy to insert into your anus.
    • The raised lump in the middle increasing the tingling sensation on the inner wall of the anus.

    The head waving angle is between 0-30 degrees, simulating the process of constantly waving fingers in the body. It's such a well-shaped tip that can accurately stimulate your prostate. Additionally, both shaft and widened base have 9-pattern powerful vibrations. Namely, the curvy shaft will massage your P-Spot while the widened base pulsating against the perineum at the same time! You're guaranteed to have a worry-free sex life inasmuch this ergonomic vibrator is sturdy and never-fall-down. Lie on the bed now, and then put it into your sweet hole and use the remote control to experience the incredible sensations create by varying functions. Do not hesitate to take this vibrator home, enjoy a variety of different ways to play in your own room or bathroom, you will love this toy deeply!

Customer Reviews


10 Days Ago

I have tried a number of similar anal toys to this one. None of the other's had the come hither motion they only included vibrators. The come hither bending motion is the thing that takes this toy over the top for me. Although sometimes it doesn't feel like it's hitting the right spot that doesn't matter because as the motion curves inward it lets pressure increase on the other vibration point in the tail. This gives exquisite pulsing vibrations on the perineum. And as expected there are multiple different vibration modes and pulse cycles.
How can you not be happy with such a versatile anal toy? A+++

10 Days Ago

Spice up the bedroom with this! It’s amazing how much this thing can do, I’ve been using it with my girlfriend and she loves it. The ability to control the device with a small discrete remote is amazing for both you and her. It adds a whole new level of excitement especially if you’re looking to try something new!

10 Days Ago

This is the only one of its kind that actually hits the prostate. Most of them are too long, and go beyond the sweet spot. The stroking feature actually mimics a finger, and does the job!

10 Days Ago

Incredible movement and vibration function. A truly innovative toy! First-time use was comfortable and produced the desired results if you know what I mean! This product has been compared to much more expensive models, I understand why. The movement is like nothing I've seen in a toy before, very innovative. At this price point, not sure if you can do any better. Motors are strong and the battery lasts a loooong time. The charging port has a nice seal cover, the entire outside is easy to clean with no weird corners or crevices.

Overall very satisfied with this purchase, didn't expect to like it as much as I did.

10 Days Ago

I was literally blown away the first time I used this massager. I didn't want to turn it off. The come hither function and dual motors worked amazing. There are many different combinations and everyone is sure to find the one to drive them crazy! Be patient with it and dont get to encouraged to immediately go and finish off. The wave sensation is totally worth it but you gotta spend a good amount of time.letting the toy do its job. However, when you do decide to get off, your neighbors will hear the waves of ecstacy.
Great massager, great price.

10 Days Ago

Okay I love love love this new toy!! I love how versatile it is, there are many ways you can use it! It's great for that special me time or also for couples looking to try something together to spice up their sex life a bit! The sleek black silicone is so soft and smooth, very comfortable. The remote is also made with that same silicone which I thought was a nice touch. I found it very easy to clean up as well. There are many different and unique vibration settings and intensities so you can be sure to find a favorite buzz for yourself and/or your partner. I found both the inner and outer parts of this toy to be stimulating and pleasing hitting all the right spots. Honestly, there's not anything bad I can really say about this one! I highly recommend this awesome toy. Everyone should own such a versatile toy in their collections! I will be buying from this brand again! Thanks!!

10 Days Ago

This prostate massager is different than other ones I've used. Instead of inserting it all the way, just insert the head, up until the first bump (as the instructions tell you to do). The difference between doing that and not doing that is staggering, as it is perfectly designed to hit you in all the right places. The toy is shaped well and is, for lack of a better word, cute. I'd recommend this toy for people skeptical about prostate stimulation, as it does a very good job of showing you what that feels like.

10 Days Ago

Easy to use and functions pretty well. The wave feature is an interesting sensation and the vibrations can be mild to intense depending on the setting.

I'd agree this device is well suited towards beginners. I have ZERO experience with this type of stuff and I was honestly a little nervous about the size when I ordered it but its really not very large at all. The bulbous end is about the size of my thumb which was a relief.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking to explore their body.