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Two-Way Exit 12-Speed Vibration Manual Masturbation Cup

Two-Way Exit 12-Speed Vibration Manual Masturbation Cup

US$ 76.69

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Two-Way Exit 12-Speed Vibration Manual Masturbation Cup
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    • Features:

      • Unobstructed two-way exit, watch yourself go straight through.
      • Additional 12-speed vibration, provide new options for men who like manual control.
      • The inner lining is thick and sensual with deep lines, increase the intensity of stimulation.
      • Oral sex tool, elevate oral sex to a new level of excitement.
      • Low noise, secret happiness.
      • Only two buttons, simple operation.


      Always dissatisfied that the existing masturbation cup cannot meet the required insertion length? Or are they too complicated so that make you lose interest? This two-hole toy allows you to freely adjust the penis insertion position, and the only two buttons with simple operation gives you direct sexual pleasure in one click. Freely adjust the penetrating length according to the sensitive zone, or manually control the continuous friction forward and backward to obtain more pleasant comfort. The additional vibration mode perfectly compensates for the single function of the purely manual masturbation cup, providing a new choice for men who like manual control. In addition, the inner lining perfectly simulates the thick fleshy feeling of real charming holes and deepens the gully lines to maximize the orgasmic pleasure of squeezing friction. It can also be used as an auxiliary tool for oral sex games. Enjoy it with your partner and ignite both your carnal passion during the flirting stage before mating. Plus, it is able to help you gain entertainment and improve sexual performance and stamina by replicating homosexual anal sex. Spice up your sex life with and without your mate.

       N.B. Please do not immerse the toy in water to avoid water damage, especially the button area.

      Product size: 4 x 3.7 x 3.7”

      Inner diameter: 1.4”

      Weight: 1 lb

      Noise: <40db

      Material: ABS+TPE

      Package included:
      1 x masturbation cup

      1 x charging cable

      1 x manual

      male masturbator cup
      masturbator stroker
      male masturbator vibrator

Customer Reviews


10 Days Ago

It's so simple yet so satisfying. With it's snugg fit to the many vibration speeds and variations. I highly recommend this product. It has the ability to bring you home quickly or to figure slowly with a saticefing finish.

10 Days Ago

This little masturbator is one of the greatest things to happen to me during quarantine. Its compact, waterproof and the motors are STRONG. The sleeve part can be a little tight, so some lubrication is needed to get your fellow in the toy, but I find that it adds more the experience than anything.

10 Days Ago

As far as male masterbators go this one is a good choice. The vibration is a nice touch with multiple settings and vibration patterns to cater to whatever sensitivity you are dealing with. The opening is just about the perfect size for those with alittle more girth than others. Super easy to clean and use. The silicone is dense enough to give it that, shoving it in tight feeling, but soft enough to really make it feel comfortable for any size guy. The inner rib design is an added bonus to really maximize the feel-good feeling. When you take all that into account with the price point, it is definitely a solid choice for anyone with any budget.

10 Days Ago

Worth every penny!

10 Days Ago

Best orgasms ever.

10 Days Ago

“WOW” that’s all I can say. This product is amazing. A definite must have if you enjoy maximum pleasure!

10 Days Ago

This is my first male sex toy - and of course I'm going to enjoy it! - but the feeling was realistic, and that's what counts!